About Guardian

We founded Guardian on our belief that personal privacy and transparency into network-connected devices are fundamental consumer rights.

We’re on a mission to change the paradigm from your technology owning you to you owning your technology.

We believe the tech industry has reached a dangerous inflection point in which devices are becoming increasingly locked down and inaccessible, taking away control of what you can do with them.

The Guardian team have been leaders in hacking for more than a decade. The team has a passion for being unencumbered, loathing arbitrary restraints and revering freedom. Well known for their ability to reverse engineer almost any app and device to expose what's happening under the hood, the team's core principle is to protect people from the dangers lurking -- often unknowingly -- in the digitized world.

Will Strafach

Will Strafach, Founder & CEO

Information Security researcher and data privacy expert. Widely known from the early iPhone jailbreaking days as the founder of Chronic Dev Team, producing jailbreaks released to the public promoting user control of devices over Apple’s control.

Specialties include embedded device hacking, close-access network exploitation, and ARM reverse engineering.

Previously founded, a mobile app intelligence service which provided visibility into code and behaviors within any iOS app.

Chirayu Patel

Chirayu Patel, COO

As a young man, he created the world’s biggest pirating operation to give videos and software to those who couldn’t afford it, was caught and paid the price in prison.

After that, built his career as evangelist for brands such as OpenVPN, VMware, and Disney, as well as start-ups and disruptive brands.

Now happy to use his hacker skills to give people power over their privacy.

Join Our Team

Will and Chirayu are putting together a formidable team of hackers, geeks, and geniuses to use their highly-specialized expertise for the greater good in two ways:

  • Developing software that completely protects your personal data from being used without your consent, including your whereabouts and behaviors.

  • Developing tools that let you access and control electronic devices that you’ve purchased so that you can customize and use them any way you wish.

If you’re passionate about protecting consumer privacy and want to give people control over the electronic devices they own, send us a note along with your resume to and include a link to your GitHub and/or LinkedIn page.